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Appliance - Anything your Orthodontist attaches to your teeth which moves your teeth or changes the shape of your jaw.

Band - A metal ring that is cemented to your tooth and goes completely around your tooth. Bands provide a way to attach brackets to your teeth.

Biteplate - An appliance used to open the bite in a patient with deep bite so that lower braces can be placed.

Hooks - A welded or removable arm to which elastics are attached.

Impression - The process of making a model of your teeth by biting into a soft material that hardens into a mold of your teeth. Your Orthodontist will use these impressions to prepare your treatment plan.

Lip Bumper - A Lip Bumper is a arch wire attached to a molded piece of plastic. The Lip Bumper holds back the molars on your lower jaw and holds the cheek muscle away from your lower teeth. This allows expansion and provide more room for the lower teeth.

Mouthguard - A device that protects your mouth from injury when you participate in sports or rigorous activities.

Palatal Expander - A device that makes your upper jaw wider.

Retainer - An appliance that is worn after your braces are removed, the retainer attachs to your upper and/or lower teeth to hold them in place. Some retainers are removable and others are bonded to the tongue-side of several teeth.

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